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              Diversity & Inclusion

              Jack in the Box Inc. values diversity at all levels and provides an inclusive, culturally sensitive and respectful environment strengthened through leadership, policies and best practices.

              Our company has thousands of employees, and our restaurants serve more than a half-billion people annually. Those employees and guests, as well as our board of directors, franchise operators, suppliers and other stakeholders comprise men and women from different nations, cultures, ethnic groups, generations, backgrounds, skills and abilities.

              Diversity & Inclusion

              We embrace our restaurant communities and give generously of our time and resources to strengthen our neighborhoods. Our employees and franchisees actively lend their support as volunteers with nonprofit organizations and as major contributors to The Jack in the Box Foundation, which primarily supports organizations that help children and at-risk youth. Some of the charities supported by The Foundation include No Kid Hungry, Big Brothers Big Sisters, March of Dimes, the YMCA, the Preuss School, Monarch School, The First Tee, Every Monday Matters, Junior Achievement, and Children’s Hospital.

              The Foundation also coordinates employee and franchisee fundraising efforts to benefit a variety of local, national and, on occasion, international causes. Additionally, we directly support community programs and needs, including local food banks.

              As an organization and as individuals, we value the varied experiences and perspectives of people, and commit ourselves to continuously promote a better understanding and appreciation of each other. This commitment makes our company stronger through new and different thoughts and ideas.

              Lenny Comma signature Lenny Comma

              Chairman of the Board & CEO